We are focused on cancers with MYC overexpression, which occurs in over half of tumors, and is correlated with poorly differentiated, and aggressive cancer.

We have identified novel compounds that can target both genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities of cancer cells. The drugs from different platforms act through distinct mechanisms that can be used alone or in combination or with other clinically approved therapies to treat cancer, which synergistically enhances the value of our assets.

Our drug pipeline is built from over 15 years of collaborative research between our scientific founder and CEO Dr. Dun Yang and his Nobel laureate mentor Dr. J. Michael Bishop. Our R & D approach integrates multiple tasks smoothly and with precision, including identification and optimization of drug leads, SAR studies, library construction, and identification of drug targets and their predictive biomarkers. This approach allows us to discover and develop drugs for multiple targets and programs simultaneously, increasing productivity and significantly shortening the time for lead optimization.