Anticancer Bioscience has been formed as the company that translates and commercializes basic research breakthroughs from the J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research (MBICR) into novel clinical assets.

All basic research is conducted at the MBICR, under a research agreement. We have an exclusive pipeline agreement with MBICR and any patents around synthetic lethality or other cancer breakthroughs developed at the Institute are transferred to Anticancer Bioscience which thus owns commercialized rights.

J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research (MBICR)

J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research (MBICR) strives to develop innovative therapies that address unmet medical needs in the field of oncology and provide clinical benefits to millions of cancer patients worldwide.

J. Michael Bishop is an American immunologist and cancer biologist who shared the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Harold E. Varmus and was co-winner of the 1984 Alfred P. Sloan Prize. He remains an advisor to the Institute and to Company, whose initial founders and key management members were colleagues.