Anticancer Bioscience is an exciting international precision oncology company, applying synthetic lethal approaches to develop targeted cancer therapies. We have been formed to commercialise the discoveries emerging from China’s prestigious J. Michael Bishop Institute of Cancer Research.

We have access to world-leading cancer biology expertise and drug discovery platforms that enable us to identify novel compounds that can target both genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities of cancer cells.

Our pipeline is focused on cancers with MYC overexpression, which occurs in over half of tumors, and is correlated with poorly differentiated, and aggressive cancer.

As well as a bespoke chemical compound library, we have invested in developing one of the world’s largest natural product libraries, providing a rich screening resource for potential cancer therapeutics.

A private company, financed by committed investors, our business model is to progress our pipeline of oncology assets into clinical trials. We will seek strategic opportunities to partner and collaborate with pharma and biotech companies, to explore the versatility of our proprietary synthetic lethal platforms and compound libraries. To maximise the commercialisation of our scientific discoveries and inventions, for the benefit of patients, we will also explore opportunities to partner assets with other pharma companies, outside of our primary area of focus.