Our advisors include world renowned experts, with rich backgrounds in academia and industry.

Nobel Prize Winner J. Michael Bishop
Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Kevan Shokat
UCSF and UC Berkeley, HHMI investigator, a pioneer in developing chemical methods to investigate celluar signal transduction pathways. He has founded more than 7 biotech companies and successfully commercialized inventions made in his laborartory.

Dr. Scott Kogan
UCSF, a world authority on the characterization and classification of hematopoietic leukemias and other hematologic disorders and a world-class researcher in the molecular pathogenesis of leukaemia.

Dr. Robert Lloyd
University of Nottingham, Fellow of Royal Society, a world recognized expert in genome stability.

Dr. James Naismith
University of Oxford, Fellow of Royal Society, Director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute, a world leading expert in structural biology.

Dr. Dana Aftab
Executive Vice President, Business Operations at Exelixis Inc.

Dr. Dean Felsher
Stanford University Medical School, a world-class researcher in dissecting the molecular basis of initiation and maintenance of tumorigenesis.

Dr. Alana Welm
Huntsman Cancer Institute at University of UTAH, a renowned scientist for pioneering work in the field of PDX – transplanting human tumors into laboratory models to study cancer development.

Dr. Frank Buchholz
TU Dresden, a world leader in pioneering the esiRNA technique for high
throughput functional screening.